Highly Paid Child Actors

The Disney Channel and children’s programming have made child actors some of Hollywood’s top commodities. Appearing on the small and silver screens alike, these child actors aren’t dependent on their parents anymore. They are easily making their own money and building their own careers. These young stars are bringing in some serious lunch money and are starring in more than just after-school specials and kid’s shows. All of these highly paid child stars started off when they were just babies and just keep getting better with age. Here are a few of the world’s highest-paid actors on the scene today.

Angus T. Jones
Angus T. Jones is the highest-paid child actor on television, as of 2011. The “Half” in the CBS hit show Two and a Half Men, Jones brings home a whopping $250,000 per episode. His character, Jake Harper, may be just a kid, but he is able to crack jokes alongside the very adult Charlie Sheen. At only 17 years old, Angus has a promising career ahead of him.

Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove is best known for her role in the Disney Channel’s series iCarly. She was listed in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest-paid child actress on television. Cosgrove took home a cool $180,000 per episode of iCarly. In 2003 she appeared on the big screen in Jack Black’s hit School of Rock. In 2010, she released her first pop album Sparks Fly. There is no question that this little lady is a triple threat.

Rico Rodriguez
Best known for his role as Manny Delgado on the ABC family comedy Modern Family, Rico Rodriguez has had a fantastic start to his young career. Born in College Station, Texas to the owners of a tire servicing outfit, Rodriguez never imagined he would be where he is today, especially at such a tender age. As of 2011, he was taking home $15,000 per episode of the modern family. That’s a lot of lunch money.

Atticus Shaffer
Atticus Shaffer has done a lot in his few years. Most famous for portraying Matty Newton in the 2009 supernatural thriller film The Unborn, and Brick Heck in the ABC sitcom The Middle Atticus hit the scene in 2007. Working on projects that grace both the small and big scenes, Atticus Shaffer may be short, but his acting career won’t be.

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