Maternity Photographer Near Cedar Park

Residents of Cedar Park, Texas love to have fun. They even have an entire website dedicated to all the fun you can have in Cedar Park, like riding a real steam train, speeding down a zip line around Lake Travis or skateboarding at Bushy Creek’s 15,000-foot skate park. No matter the age, there’s always some good, clean fun to be found in Cedar Park for the whole family. Whether your family is just starting out or you are a couple kids in, Cedar Park maternity photography is a great idea. It’s a decision you will never regret. When you are pregnant, you already have a measure of love for the unborn baby growing inside you and the love you will feel when that baby is placed in your arms is immeasurable. Once your sweet baby is born, those maternity photos become even more precious because they signify the 9 months you spent carefully caring for your baby in the most personal and important way possible. Nobody can take that place, you did this great and incredible thing for your child and those photos are your evidence of that sacrifice. Silver Bee Photography wants to make you feel beautiful and regal because you deserve to feel like a queen. Our greatest desire is to ensure that your pictures are something you will love for the rest of your life.

Have Your Shoot Indoors or Outdoors

Maternity photos didn’t use to be so popular. Women would show up to photo shoots with their partner, wearing matching clothes and stand awkwardly (enter in #awkwardfamilyphotos). But in recent years and especially with the women’s empowered movements, more and more women are embracing their bodies, their curves and yes, the glorious and wonderful gift of pregnancy. Demi Moore may have started the trend in 1991 with her Vanity Fair cover photo, showing off her sexy pregnant physique and slowly, maternity photos have begun to change.

Searching #maternityphotography on social media, you will find millions of breathtaking women who are giving their baby bump the spotlight. Flowing dresses, flower crowns, sashes, lace and even milk baths spread with fresh flowers are popular scenes. This trend has caught on like wildfire for a few reasons. First, it gives women a chance to embrace their bodies. When you are pregnant, your body changes so quickly that it’s easy to get hung up on stretch marks and extra weight. Appreciating all its perfection and imperfection is a spectacular thing. Second, women want to feel beautiful. Pregnancy is one of life’s most incredible phases and taking a moment to feel pretty, be pampered and appreciate what you are sacrificing is a well-deserved gift. And last, it’s an opportunity to show love to your baby. Every pregnancy is different and a photo session with a local photographer helps you capture these memories. Looking at a photo stirs up hundreds of memories and these are things you will never want to forget.

You will never regret booking a maternity photo session

When you book a maternity photo shoot, you will feel like a goddess, celebrate a new child coming into your life and be able to capture the excitement you feel. You will never regret the opportunity you took for yourself, but you may regret it if you don’t. If pregnancy has you in a slump, a Cedar Park maternity photography session is the perfect way to help you feel glorious. The flowy dress, the sunset, the scenery, the flowers…no matter what your vision is, Hillarry with Silver Bee Photography will make it happen. And if you don’t have the vision yet, that is okay! Hillarry is a master at creating the most beautiful photos so you can feel proud and excited to #maternityphotography to all your friends and family.