Baby Photography in Austin

Babies touch the world with love, and I love to photograph them. My baby style of photography is similar to my newborn style in that it is simple and organic. You can expect beautiful natural light, simple soft items, and soothing tones filled with layers of texture and emotion. There is something special about natural light and how it wraps a baby up, accentuating its delicate features in just the right way. It creates a softness that I love, and simple and soft images are the perfect complement to a tiny person who has just made it into this big world.

It is my sincerest hope that many years down the road when you look back on these photos, you will be reminded of exactly who your baby was on this day in their life, down to the last roll. My aim as a photographer is to capture your child’s most magical moments with tender and warm emotions.

My newborn and baby photography has been featured in several photography and news outlets including Newborn Magazine, Newborn Photographer Association, ReleaseWire, and more! Rest assured, I take care of each baby as if they were my own.  Safety and comfort are the most important things to me and I am constantly in tune with the emotions and needs of your baby. Bring only diapers and wipes for the baby and leave the rest up to me!

If you are interested in hiring me as your baby photographer, take a look at my photo gallery below. Like what you see. Contact me here and let’s schedule a time to meet! Interested in other photography services by Silver Bee Photography?

Silver Bee Photography provides a variety of photography services in the Austin area. Our newborn photography services are incredibly popular. We absolutely love twin photography sessions – twin newborns are so adorable! Along with adorable newborns, we really enjoy our family photography clients as we love seeing the dynamic of a family unfold behind the camera. Don’t forget about the start of this amazing journey – the maternity months! Silver Bee has some amazing maternity photography sessions and we thoroughly enjoy capturing the entire process on camera!

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