When it comes to your brand-new bundle of joy, there are more reasons than you might think to hire an experienced professional newborn photographer to help you capture those first sweet moments in your little one’s life:


  1. Document the Details

You already know that each month – especially that first year – will bring so many exciting changes. Your baby will amaze you with a new development almost every day! When you invest in newborn photography, you can preserve the memories of those impossibly tiny toes, sweet baby cheeks, and little hands to look back on over the years. Newborn detail shots are my favorite!


  1. High Quality Photos

Phone cameras have come quite a long way – and they’re great for taking all of those daily life photos – but when it comes to newborn portraits, you’ll want someone with a photographer’s eye and an artist’s touch to capture your baby in the best light possible (literally). A professional newborn photographer can help you achieve those high-quality images you’re wanting for birth announcements, albums, and nursery décor.


  1. Customized Portraits

Do you have a certain theme you’re trying to incorporate? Are you looking for a custom-sized canvas to hang in a specific place in your home? Let me know, and we can customize your portraits according to their purpose!


  1. Saving Time & Stress

That first year is a whirlwind, and it’s hard to plan (and take) amazing photos on your own. A professional newborn photographer knows just how to handle the diaper changes, feedings, fussing, and more to take that stress off of you and deliver beautiful professional photos of your sweet newborn. You will even have some time to rest in the studio! 😉


  1. Professional Posing & Creative Props

Posing newborns requires extra care and safety precautions. Some poses put baby at risk and can restrict blood or air flow. As a professional newborn photographer, I know which poses require continual support or how to use composites to build a certain image in order to keep baby safe! Parents should not try to pose babies at home based on photos they’ve seen on Pinterest because more than likely, there were some behind-the-scenes safety measures going on to capture them. I can do all of that – with super cute props – in my studio designed with newborns (and new parents) in mind!