With a population of just over 105,000, Round Rock, Texas is a city proud of its award-winning parks and high performing school district. These two things alone make Round Rock a highly attractive place for parents to raise their children in but add in that it’s also one of the safest cities in the United States and you have a recipe for the perfect location. As your children grow, it sometimes feels like someone has sped up the clock and the years a slipping by. Grasping onto the memories is all you can do and as parents, we do a few things to document their young lives. We make scrapbooks, keep journals and take thousands and thousands of photos of them so when they are grown, we can remember these treasured moments. But what about hiring a local photographer? Is that really necessary? You may look through your endless albums of photos and think you have plenty of photos to remember your little ones, do you really need a Round Rock photographer? The answer is yes and there are many reasons why.

Exploring the reasons why you should hire a photographer

Cameras have come a long way since you were a child and your parents took photos of you with film cameras where the colors and quality were muted. Now, your basic cellphone camera takes photos with better quality than even the best cameras of your childhood and access is easy to DSLR cameras with crystal clear images. Your cousin or sister has a DSLR camera, can she take your family photos? Here are a few reasons why is hiring a professional for your Round Rock photography needs important:

  • Experience: A professional photographer has years of experience posing families, children and babies to make them look their best through the lens. Hilliarry, with Silver Bee Photography has 11 years of experience herself and knows intuitively how to interact with all ages.
  • Education: Anyone can point and click a camera but it takes years of education and schooling to know how to properly work a camera, create the right amount of exposure and lighting and snap those instantaneous smiles with perfection and ease. Photographers make it look easy but that is because their training makes it appear that way.
  • Lenses and lighting: Photographers invest great amounts of money for special lenses and lighting tools to make the photo look incredible. Lighting is everything and when you can capture the light around your subject and use a special lens for this scene or a lighting tool for that shot, a photographer’s training is vital. You simply cannot get the quality alone in this aspect that a professional Round Rock photographer can achieve.
  • Props, backdrops and locations: Photographers are always thinking about new ways photograph their subjects. After all, photography is an art and a photographer is essentially creating a masterpiece with each photo. Hillarry has an extensive collection of darling photo props for family, maternity or newborn photo shoots that will take your professional photos from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Editing and software: Raw photos with an educated photographer weilding a fancy camera are beautiful but much of the real magic happens during the editing process. Photographers are magicians in the editing department. Not only can Hillary with Silver Bee Photography edit any imperfections you are self-conscious about, but she can bring your photos and the colors to life in the editing process, finishing off the photo to a true masterpiece you’ll be excited to show your friends and family.
  • Professionally driven: A photographer is motivated to make their clients happy because it’s their job and their career depends upon it. A good local photographer will make a list of all their clients wishes beforehand and does their best to make their wishes come true. They put in long hours to please their clients and deliver the best results possible.

Hang onto memories with a Round Rock photography session

No matter the occasion, Silver Bee Photography will be there to photograph your special day with photos that feel almost as real as stepping back into the moment. Heartwarming infant and baby photography sessions, charming family photography scenes and ethereal maternity photos are what Hillarry specializes in. Keep those sweet memories alive with beautiful professional Round Rock photography photos you will cherish for the rest of your life.