Your baby’s first year is bursting with milestones. The pride and love you feel with each moment of your baby’s life are times you want to remember forever.

Mark each occasion with baby photos you can cherish and share the delight with loving family and friends. Babies grow and change so fast, taking photographs at just the right time gives you the perfect way to remember every unexpected, joyful moment.

Do you know the best times to take newborn pictures that really highlight your baby’s sweet smile and special ”first times?”

With so much on your mind before and after your baby’s birth, it’s hard to know when you should contact a photographer for professional baby pictures. Read more of this baby photography guide to help you decide which precious moments of your baby’s life to capture.

Baby Photos Timeline

Welcoming your new baby home is an emotional, joyous and even scary time. You know your life is changed forever with this precious addition to your family.

Not every moment needs a professional photographer. Make sure you take pictures of everything. Capture the first moment you hold your baby in the hospital, the excitement of older siblings getting their first glimpse of the new baby and even the family pet sniffing your new addition.

Here are the first year milestone moments when you should have professional pictures taken of your baby:

Two to Three Months Before Baby Arrives

This is the time you should get in touch with a photographer. You want to book your session for two to three months in advance.

Your photographer knows it’s impossible to predict when your baby will decide to make an appearance. But, contacting a photographer in advance allows him or her to schedule a tentative date to take pictures.

Birth to Two Weeks

This is when you catch those sleepy moments. Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping during the first two weeks. You’ll be surprised at how relaxing the photo shoot during this time is.

You don’t have to worry about just the right smile or pose. All your baby has to do is sleep while you look on proudly.

These are the photos people usually send to friends and relatives for birth announcements. The first photos of your baby are the ones you’ll look back on with fond memories and smiles.

One to Three Months

At this time, you’ll notice the unique personality of your baby. From four to 12 weeks old your photographer can capture your baby’s inquisitive eyes, alert expression and if you’re lucky, a smile.

This is also a good time to photograph you and your baby together, poses with brothers and sisters, grandparents and don’t forget the family pet.

Four to Six Months

These developmental months are the times to get the cutest pictures. You can get a stomach shot of your baby with his or her head held high. Babies also give big smiles that you just have to get on film.

Most likely, your baby can’t sit up alone yet but letting an older sister or brother hold up your baby with a hug makes an adorable shot.

Seven to Twelve Months

At this point, your baby wants to have fun. This is a wonderful age to take shots of you holding your baby’s hands and help with walking. Tips for taking baby photos at this age are to make silly noises or wave around some toys to get your baby laughing.

This age is all about having fun and capturing playful moments in your photographs.

Other Baby Photography Ideas

Here are other special moments you’ll want to capture from pregnancy to your baby’s first birthday.

Maternity Photos

The right time for maternity photos is when you’re in your seventh or eighth month. This is when you have a stunning, full shape showing your baby is soon to enter your world.

Maternity photos give you priceless keepsakes of your experiences before and after your baby’s birth. Embracing your baby bump highlights the love and tenderness you have for your newborn.

Also, include Dad in the photos. He can pose hugging your belly or talking to the baby. Whatever he feels comfortable with makes a memorable shot.

Baby’s Monthly Birthdays

Be sure to take photos to celebrate monthly birthdays. You’ll be amazed at how much your baby changes in only one month. You can create portfolios or slideshows showing your baby growing in front of your eyes.

In each photo include a clue as to which month you’re celebrating. You can add a balloon for each month or even make a sign giving the number of the month.

Baby’s Firsts

You have to be fast to capture your baby’s firsts. Most of these first moments you have to catch on your own. Always have a camera nearby to grab and click.

Try to get close-ups to highlight the subtle expressions of your baby. Also, take your photos from different angles so you don’t miss anything.

The key to getting a great shot is to just start clicking. Don’t try to wait for the perfect moment or it will pass you by.

With today’s digital cameras, you can always delete the photos that don’t come out the way you want. But, just think of all the great memories you’ll capture in your other shots.

Here are a few ideas for your baby’s firsts:

  • Day
  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Rollover
  • Sleep through the night
  • Lift head
  • Sit up
  • Crawl
  • Solid food
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Step

As your baby grows, you’ll discover other firsts you want to photograph. Also, make sure you write down a little description of all these milestones in your baby book. This helps you remember all the details of your baby’s first year as time goes by.

Capture Once in a Lifetime Moments

Embrace all the memories of your baby’s first year. These are once in a lifetime opportunities for baby photos that you can share with your family and friends.

As your baby grows into childhood, you can share the first year’s moments. Baby photos are wonderful ways to strengthen the loving bond between you and your child.

Contact us to capture memorable moments in your baby’s life in a professional portrait you’ll cherish for a lifetime.