My Studio

What’s in My Studio

I get asked all the time what I use to keep newborn babies happy, warm and content during their photo session.  Each baby I photograph is different so sometimes I use one or two of these items or perhaps all of them at the same time.  Sometimes you just have to try different things to find just the right combination!  Here are the items that are must haves in my studio.

White Noise is a must for me.

The ones I prefer have a nice even tone and are more airy sounding.  I do use The Shusher if I find that I’m working with a baby that loves the Shhhhhh sound.


Newborn babies also love motion or vibration.

These are my favorites because they are compact and can fit anywhere I need a little extra motion when I am soothing babies.




I keep brand new, clean, pacifiers on hand just in case I’m working with a baby that needs to settle just a bit.  I also love the pacifier wipes and sanitizer.  Baby’s will fall asleep with a pacifier in their mouths and sometimes drops and rolls.  The wipes and sanitizer is easy to use and can be ready for use if needed.

Diapers and Wipes


A few more of my favorite things

Of course there are so many more gadgets and such that can help with newborn photography, but these are the tried and true for me.  Hope you enjoy them as well!