In the beautiful city of Lakeway, Texas, you will find a happy, friendly community of people, exciting outdoor activities and endless possibilities for family fun. When it comes to documenting your most precious moments in life, hiring an experienced Lakeway photographer is a must. You might wonder why a photographer is necessary. With the ever improving quality of cellphone cameras and an increase in the accessibility and lower cost of DSLR cameras, many people think they can take photos themselves with the same quality. However, you will miss out on many beautiful moments and photos going this route. A photographer for family, newborn and maternity photos captures in splendid quality, these special moments in your life you will not want to forget. With Silver Bee Photography, you will have stunning photos taken by Hillarry that you will cherish your entire life.

Reasons to hire a Lakeway photographer

There are so many reasons to hire a professional photographer and once you see the magic of Hillarry’s talent, you will be so pleased. A few of the most important reasons to hire a Lakeway photographer are:

  • Photographers are experts at posing: Stiff looking family photos that seem sterile and impersonal are painful to look at. A great photographer will know how to pose their subjects in a natural, relaxed and comfortable look. They know how to help you appear at your most flattering and help with posture and positioning.
  • Photographers are educated in all aspects of photography: Merely owning a DSLR camera does not mean there will be exceptional photos. Professional photographers are extensively educated in all aspects of photography, especially when it comes to photographing families and infants. A thorough knowledge of lighting, angles, centering, aperture and focus are vital to taking breathtaking photos. Simply pointing and shooting on “auto mode” gives you mediocre quality and with life’s most precious moments, you want the best.
  • You can be in the photos: Most parents find themselves behind the lens rather than in the photos with their family. Even the best photographers hire a photographer for their special events. Why? Because no matter how good you are, you cannot take exceptional photos of yourself on a timer with a tripod. You want a photographer who can get those candid moments, position the camera perfectly and capture smiles at perfectly timed moments.
  • Editing to perfection: Even with perfect posing, the best light and a gorgeous background, photographers are also skilled in photo editing. With a knowledge of photo editing how to’s, you can take a nice photo and turn it into something spectacular. Want a pimple erased, a few wrinkles smoothed out or background power lines removed? A professional photographer erases the imperfections in your photo to create a piece of perfection and something you will be completely happy with.

Silver Bee Photography for all your priceless memories

Hillarry at Silver Bee Photography is a very talented photographer and has more than 11 years of experience creating stunning photography packages for her clients. Going the extra mile to ensure you love your photos is something she takes pride in. No matter the age, she has a natural comfortable nature that helps children and babies feel relaxed. Her expertise and education in infant photography is extensive and she takes the utmost care in posing delicate and adorable photos while creating a memorable experience. No matter the occasion, whether it’s a family, child or newborn session, you will receive the best care. Before the session, Hillarry will get to know your specific wishes for your photo session and does her best to make them a reality.

Don’t let life’s special moments pass by, contact Silver Bee Photography to capture them so you can cherish them forever. Contact Silver Bee Photography today to book your photo session.