Ten fingers, ten toes, and a sweet button nose!

Unfortunately, all those little details you love about your bundle of joy will sadly fade away as they grow up. And it’ll happen fast!

E. Welty said, “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away”. Yes, investing in gorgeous newborn photography will capture those precious moments before it’s too late.

And once you’ve captured those precious moments, you’ve got to show them to the world. No, not on Facebook…display your newborn photos in your home!

But how can you display baby photography without overdoing or underdoing it? Read on for some picture-perfect tips.

Tips for Displaying Newborn Photos

Before your baby brain kicks in and before your bundle of joy enters the world, take a moment to research some ideas. Not only on which photography poses you want your little one to try, but also how to display them afterward.

Grab a tape measure and take a look around your home. Find areas where you have space to display some photos. For example, above beds, couches, cribs or up the stairs.

But when you’re deciding on where to display your baby pictures, try to think ahead. Remember that your walls and shelves will fill up with hundreds of pictures for years to come. So try to choose, at least, one or two spots for newborn pictures to stay indefinitely.

Or choose displays that are easy to update or switch around as they start hitting milestones in their life. Such as their first day of kindergarten.

Don’t forget to think carefully about the size too. Think about how far you will view the photo from.

It’s logical. If it’s an open space, opt for larger prints, as a small photo may become lost. But if it’s snug and cozy, smaller prints may be the better choice, as large prints may be overwhelming.

8 Unique Ways to Showcase Your Baby Pictures

There really is no point in arranging a newborn photography session if you’re going to hide the pictures away in an album. Showcase your baby pictures in style by trying one or more of these ideas.

Capture and Collage

After a newborn photography session, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of cute baby pictures you have! If it’s too hard to choose only one or two, why not make a collage instead? This means you can use most of the shots and display them in style.

Collages come in all different shapes and sizes. You can either cut the photos up yourself or have them printed in a ready-made collage. Either way, it’ll display all your favorite newborn pictures in an impressive way.

To Frame Or Not to Frame

Whether you use a frame for your newborn photos or not, it’s no big deal. It’s a style preference.

Framing photos can make the picture look bigger, especially if you add a frame and a matt. Framing photos can also complement the decor of your home and create a focal point in your room.

Canvas wraps (frameless) are clean and modern looking. The photos do the talking without any extra frills to decorate. They are great to use for cluster photos too.

But if you really want to mix things up, try a cluster display of both frames and canvas prints.

Left on the Shelf

Instead of hanging pictures on the wall in a traditional way, why not create a feature shelf? Every guest visiting your home will have no choice but to stop and take a look at the adorable baby photography.

Install an eye-level shelf on a spare wall or even in a room corner. Use a variety of framed pictures or canvas prints to display along the shelf. Maintain a cohesive look by using the same color for the shelf and the frames.

The Heart of the Home

The heart of the home is…the kitchen. In fact, according to research, Americans spend a minimum of 37 minutes each day in the kitchen. Whether you enjoy cooking or not, during that time wouldn’t you like some newborn pictures to keep you going?

Try displaying newborn photos on the fridge or the sink backsplash. Every time you’re washing the dishes the photos will remind you of your little bundle of joy.

Hanging Out

A great way to display your baby pictures is to display them where you hang your coats or keys. You can buy ready-made coat hook boards with photo frames included. Or you could create your own with a few hooks directly on your wall and a few framed prints above.

Staircase in Style

A super traditional way to display baby photography is on the wall, up the stairs. Let’s face it, this isn’t a new idea, your parents and grandparents have done this for years.

You could either display photos of the same size, in a diagonal line, keeping it contemporary. Or try clustering photos, of different sizes, with various frames. Whichever way you decide to decorate your stairway with photos, you’ll have wonderful memories each time you head upstairs!

Tell a Story with a Timeline

Another great way to display your photos is to create a timeline.

For instance, the first photo could be your maternity photo. The second, newborn pictures from the hospital. And the other frames could include photos from the newborn photography session and snaps of you together as a family.

Upcycle It

Try upcycling to create a truly unique photo display.

For instance, use vintage photo frames or antique window frames to display your photos. Add several small canvas prints inside. Or hang wire across the frames and use clothespins to clip photos onto it.

Another idea is to try using a cork pinboard and pin polaroid style photos to it. To jazz it up a little, paint the pinboard in a different color and frame it.

Photo Cubes

Many display their newborn pictures in a sleek coffee table book. While it’s a classy choice, you could try something a bit edgier. For instance, a photo cube.

Have your baby pictures printed onto a cube and let guests pick it up and take a look. Or display the cube on a shelf and turn it around now and again to display a different photo, depending on your mood.

Picture This!

Yes, your newborn photos deserve to be displayed in a marvelous way. Because if they’re going to be in an album and left in the back of your closet, there’s no point to go for the shoot in the first place!

But before you start displaying your newborn pictures, you need to find an AMAZING photographer. Not everyone can nail those Pinterest style looks, after all.

Check out my gallery for some Pinterest-worthy inspiration and contact me today!