Cedar Park is an eye-catching suburb of Austin, Texas. Cedar Park allows you to enjoy a bit more space and natural scenery while still living conveniently close to Austin and the hustle and bustle of the city. The growing town is a great place to have outdoor photographs taken right here in the city you love. Whether you are looking for a local newborn photographer, experienced baby photographer, a maternity photographer, or an upbeat family photographer Hillarry with Silver Bee Photography is the sure choice!

Reasons to Hire Hillarry as your Cedar Park Photographer

Hillarry has a contagious personality that will surely make your children beam with natural smiles during your photography session, something every mother wishes for. There are so many reasons that Hillarry is one of the best local photographers in Cedar Park.


Hillarry has devoted her career to learning the newest and best ways to capture stunning images of your newborns and children. As she has continued her education and strived to further her knowledge, she has gained experience and connections to help her be the best photographer in Cedar Park. With over 11 years of experience in photography, she is well prepared to pose and photograph your brand new baby or your wiggly one year old all while she captures beautiful images for you to cherish.


Hillarry is so patient with your little ones. Something about having pictures taken makes babies cry and young children bounce off the walls. The new places and attention tend to make them overly excited and Hillarry handles their jittery, nervous bodies perfectly. She knows how to make them smile when they really want to frown and manages to capture great images even when Mom thinks there is no way!

Attention to Detail

A lasting photograph is captured when every little detail is paid close attention to. Hillarry turns her attention to every small detail. Your baby is only a newborn once; your one year old only turns one, once. You can be confident that Hillarry is going to pay close attention to each small wrinkle that you want to remember from your tiny baby. She isn’t going to overlook any gummy grin that your baby makes during their session. She is fantastic at seeing every little detail through to a beautiful photograph.

Using Cedar Park as Your Background

You know that you live in a beautiful place. With numerous lakes to choose from, there are scenic locations throughout Cedar park that are going to help transform your images into artwork that you will want to display throughout your home. Hillarry understands the landscaping and scenery in Cedar Park and will mesh it well with your families needs and wishes. A quick conversation about what you are looking for from your session with Silver Bee Photography will help Hillarry determine what area is going to be best for your photography session. You can be certain that when you hire Hillarry you will be very happy with your photography session.