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Is 3 Weeks Old Too Late for Newborn Pictures?

Is 3 Weeks Old Too Late for Newborn Pictures? Your child’s life will be filled with countless incredible and beautiful stages, but there is something particularly precious about a newborn baby. For a brief window of time, they can curl up and dive into a deep sleep that is incredible and so special. If you’re […]

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How Much Does a Newborn Photo Session Cost?

Having a child is an ambition that most Americans strive for. Although it comes with its share of difficulties, becoming a parent is a unique experience that provides joy and fulfillment you can’t find anywhere else. Many parents organize a newborn photo session to help commemorate the birth of their child, but not everybody knows […]

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How to Create a Head in Hands Pose in 5 Easy Steps

The Head in Hands pose is one of the most popular and adorable newborn poses in my repertoire. While it may look a little tricky to achieve, it can easily be accomplished with a helper and some post-processing magic. Because newborns cannot naturally support their own heads, in this special pose, two shots need to […]

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Ahhh, Sweet Baby Boy with Perfect Hair

I love all babies, but babies with lots of hair….total heart melt. This newborn session was one of my favorites! Not only was he absolutely perfect and didn’t mind me fussing with him, but his hair was simply adorable. He was super cute with and without hats, but it was hard to cover up those […]

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A Gorgeous Growing Family

Oh, this sweet family! I love capturing family photography and am seriously so blessed to meet some amazing folks! This family in particular is expecting a new baby, and I couldn’t be more excited for them. My time spent with these three was so much fun, and I am excited to be able to share […]

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Avoid the DIY Newborn Photography Catastrophe, Hire a Professional

At some point, we’ve all seen the hilarity that is “Pinterest Fails”. The cute character pancakes that look like a 4-year-old made them…the crafts that never turn out like the pictures, and the recipes that totally fail and end up in a late night emergency pizza order. We’ve probably all thought a project looked easy. […]

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The Biggest Lesson I Learned in Photography

They say comparison is the thief of joy. That statement couldn’t be more true and hits close to home for me. It’s hard not to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Whether it’s with parenting, work, possessions, talents, or goals, it can be a challenge to silence the voice of “look how […]

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Our Editing Process

Hello all! I hope you have had a very blessed and special Christmas with your loved ones. It has been a very busy year so far, and I thought that a great way to start off the New Year would be to show off some before and after images! The Greatest Joy in Life One […]

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The Difference a Professional Photographer Makes

In a world where at a touch of a button anyone can make a great photo, how do you justify hiring a professional photographer over an amateur? Well think of it this way. You wouldn’t let someone who says they have trimmed their own bangs once or twice, layer your hair. You would trust that […]

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Taking Newborn Photo Props to the Next Level of Adorable

  You’ve just had a newborn, and you want his birth announcement to cause squeals of delight on refrigerators the world across. You don’t want just ANY birth announcement, for your newborn isn’t just ANY baby! It’s the MOST ADORABLE BABY IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE… and your newborn photos should to be a testament of […]

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The 3 Most Important Newborn Props that are Never Seen

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