With newborn photography, themes are endless. Babies are cute no matter how you show them off. But when constructing themes, it’s always important to think about baby’s safety and comfort first and foremost. Here are a few of my favorite newborn props that I incorporate into many of my shoots. They are versatile, classic, and match with just about any color scheme or style:


  1. Baby Wraps

I use these for everything. I have them in just about every color, and use them to swaddle baby, add extra padding, keep baby warm, and add color and texture to photos. They serve just about every purpose and look super cute and cuddly in portraits.


  1. Simple Accents

I love a pretty floral headband or tiny tutu for baby girls or maybe a knit cap, suspenders, or bow tie for baby boys. For a few of the photos, it’s fun to add in one or two playful little accents. These are also great if you’re using birth announcements to show the gender of your baby.


  1. Crates & Baskets

I always make sure that my props are completely safe for newborns and do not have any rough edges, splintery material, or toxic finishes. I love a small yet sturdy wooden crate or woven basket to show off a sleeping baby (I utilize those awesome baby wraps to line the basket for comfort).


  1. Stuffed Animals

Putting a little bunny or bear next to a sleeping baby is always an adorable option, and the babies seem to love them, too. Bring along a lovey, baby blanket, or animal that you’ve picked out for your little one. The familiar smell also helps calm baby during the shoot.


  1. Mom & Dad

No prop can compare to Mom or Dad’s warm arms. Some of my favorite pictures are simple closeups of baby sleeping soundly curled inside Mom and Dad’s hands.


Have another prop you would like to incorporate into your newborn session? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.